Series 2 - Episode #05 - John Atkinson

June 13, 2020 @ 6:55 am

Welcome to the fifth episode in the second series of podcasts focused on work health and safety in the seafood industry. This series of podcasts focus on the SeSAFE – safety training for the professional fishing industry

The fifth speaker in this series is John Atkinson, People and Development Manager at MG Kailis.   

Since 1988, John has held the role as People and Development Manager at MG Kailis. John is a values driven generalist who possesses and applies sound strategic and operational business planning skills to influence senior management to achieve business objectives. John is qualified in Business Management and Human Resources disciplines.

John can be contacted on mobile 0419 905 060 or email  For more information on the National Seafood Industry Safety Initiative please refer to the Strategic Plan

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